Steam Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Are you having trouble removing dust mites or dirt from your carpets? Do you want a DEEP CLEAN, but don’t have the time to do it yourself?

Then our carpet steam cleaning service is your answer!

At Smart Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, we offer steam carpet cleaning service which is ideal for providing deep cleaning with amazing results.

We have over 10 years of experience in the business, are fully licensed and insured, so you can be assured of getting an excellent job done.

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What is Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Steam carpet cleaning involves using hot water extraction to remove dirt, dust mites and other debris from your carpets. It is a highly effective way of deep cleaning as it uses high pressure to steam clean right into the fibres of the carpet. This helps loosen stubborn dirt build up that regular vacuuming cannot remove. It also preserves the life of your carpets as there are no harsh chemicals used in this process – only steam. This means that when it comes to taking care of our environment – steam cleaning offers a safer alternative for both residential and commercial spaces alike.

How is it Done?

The process involves first inspecting your carpets and checking for any special requirements such as stain removal or difficult stains. Then using powerful equipment, we apply hot steam under pressure into the carpets using a special side-tilt spray system. This helps to loosen and remove dirt, dust and other debris from deep within the fibres of your carpet. Once this is done we move on to thorough extraction using a wet vacuum system to remove all the cleaned material, which leaves your carpets looking like brand new!

Benefits of Steam

Using steam offers many benefits including:

  • Deep cleansing that gets right into the fibres of your carpets and removes build ups of dirt, dust and allergens.
  • No harsh chemicals are used in this process, making it a safer option for both residential and commercial spaces alike. It’s an eco-friendly choice that’s safe for kids or pets too!
  • The steam helps not only remove unwanted debris but also eliminates bacteria and germs that cause allergy and bad odours.
  • It can help you save time as it takes less time than shampooing or dry cleaning which involves pre spot treatment by hand before being able to clean it properly
  • It extends the life of your carpets as regular use preserves them making them look like new for longer.

The only main drawback to using steam is the drying time. If you need your carpet dry faster try our carpet dry cleaning service.

Services We Provide

Discover the range of Steam Cleaning services we offer:

  • Deep Cleaning Treatment
  • Eco-friendly Cleaning Solutions
  • Stain Removal Services
  • Allergen Elimination
  • Quality Upholstery Cleaning
  • Floor and Grout Cleaning
  • Carpet Dry Cleaning
  • Leather Cleaning Services
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Safe Cleaning Agent Application
  • Proactive Carpet Care
  • Proven Odor Elimination

Signs you need Steamed Carpet

Recognizing these signs can help you determine when it’s time to invest in professional carpet cleaning:

  • stubborn stains that resist removal through regular cleaning
  • Lingering odors
  • Allergy symptoms increase
  • Show visible signs of dirt, dust, or debris buildup
  • High-traffic areas of your carpet appear matted or worn
  • Losing their vibrancy and looking dull
  • Water Damage or Flooding
  • Long Period Since Last Cleaning
  • Upcoming Special Occasions
  • Regular Maintenance

Why Choose Us

  • 10 years experience
  • Fully licensed & insured Carpet Cleaners
  • Proven results
  • Expert team
  • Safe cleaning techniques
  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Best Prices in Town!


We proudly service in the following popular suburbs of Brisbane

  • Brisbane City: Brisbane CBD, South Brisbane, Fortitude Valley, New Farm, West End
  • Northside Brisbane: Chermside, Aspley, Albany Creek, Bridgeman Downs, McDowall
  • Southside Brisbane: Woolloongabba, Annerley, Greenslopes, Dutton Park Sunnybank
  • Western Brisbane: Toowong Indooroopilly St Lucia Gaythorne
  • Eastern Brisbane: Morningside Tingalpa Cannon Hill Carina Balmoral

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How much does steam cleaning cost?

Costs can vary depending on the size, condition of your carpet, and the particular services you require. We always aim to offer competitive prices without compromising on service quality. Our current price starts from $120 for 3 rooms steam cleaned.

Which is better steam or dry cleaning?

Both methods have their pros and cons, but steam cleaning typically provides a deeper clean as it penetrates into the carpet fibres, removing dust mites and bacteria. Moreover, it doesn’t use harsh chemicals which makes it safer for you and your family.

Will the carpet be wet after steam cleaning?

Yes; however, most of the water used in steam carpet cleaning is extracted during the process so your carpets will only be damp to touch afterwards – definitely not soaking wet!

Is it safe for my carpet?

Absolutely! Our team of skilled professionals uses cutting-edge equipment along with environmentally friendly products that are gentle yet highly effective on your carpets; maintaining their texture while removing dirt and grime.

How long does it take to dry?

On average, it might take anywhere between 6-12 hours for your carpet to completely dry after a thorough steam clean depending upon factors like ventilation and room temperature. We recommend arranging your appointment in advance if you need use of the room urgently.

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