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Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane

Have soiled, smelly couches or chairs? We’ll clean your upholstery and make it look new again!

Upholstery gets very dirty. It collects dust, dirt, spills, and odors. Allergens like pollen and pet dander stick to upholstery fabric too. Bacteria and germs build up. These things make them look bad, wear out faster, and cause unhealthy air inside your house.

Our effective upholstery cleaning services use special machines and products to deep clean your upholstered furniture. We use steam to get rid of filth and germs deep down. Cleaning solutions break up spots and odors. Brushes scrub the material. The machines remove almost everything stuck in the fibre. We can treat tough stains to try to remove them. Our products are safe for kids and pets.

After cleaning, it will look bright and new again! Our service extends the life of your furniture by getting rid of the soil that wears it out. Your home’s air will be cleaner too, so it’s healthier. Clean upholstery makes your home look nicer. You don’t have to buy new furnishing as often when you have us clean them.

Let us refresh your upholstery with our intensive cleaning service! Just contact us today to schedule.

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Services We Offer

  • Sofa cleaning
  • Lounge couch cleaning
  • Leather care and conditioning
  • Pet mess and odor removal
  • Scotchgard fabric protection application
  • Water damage restoration
  • Emergency flood services
  • Rental property cleaning
  • Antique furniture restoration
  • Vintage furniture washing

The Advantages

Professional upholstery cleaning doesn’t just leave your furniture looking fabulous, it also makes your home healthier! Here are some key benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Eliminate those sneeze-inducing dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and other nasty allergens that build up in textiles over time.
  • Kill mold, bacteria, and germs that can lurk in textiles.
  • Restore vibrancy and extend the life of fabrics by extracting embedded dirt and oils that cause early wear.
  • Remove stains, even tough ones like wine, coffee, and grease. Our spot cleaning techniques and professional-grade solvents target marks for successful removal.
  • Freshen stale, musty odors from smoke, pets, spills and more.

We Clean All Types of Upholstery

Our technicians have experience cleaning all types of materials. From delicate silks to heavy canvas and everything in between, we know how to properly clean each one. We expertly handle common materials like cotton, linen, polyester, acrylic and microfiber.

We also specialise in more delicate fabric like leather, vinyl, wool, silk, velvet and suede. Tough outdoor wicker and woven textiles are no match for our cleaning process. Even ornate tapestries and embroidered materials with special care requirements are safe with our experts.

No matter the unusual or specialty textile your furniture contains, we know the right cleaning method to use. Our customised approach allows a thorough clean while keeping the integrity of any material intact.

The Process

  • Inspection- Our team will first inspect your items to identify the type of material, stains, and any pre-existing damage.
  • Vacuuming- We use powerful vacuum cleaners to suck up all loose dirt, crumbs, and dust particles.
  • Pre-Treatment- Our experts pre-treats any visible stains with natural solutions tailored to that particular type.
  • Deep Cleaning- We deep clean using hot water extraction machines. The machine injects solution deep into fibers and then sucks it back out along with spots and grime.
  • Rinsing- We rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove all traces of solutions. Thorough rinsing prevents residue buildup.
  • Drying- Our technician extracts excess moisture and then allows home decor to fully air dry. We may use fans to speed up drying time.
  • Deodorising- We apply a natural deodoriser to leave fixture fresh smelling and sanitise it.
  • Protection- Once fully dry, we can apply a protective coating to help repel future issue if desired.
  • Final Inspection- We will do a final inspection with you before wrapping up.

Why Choose Us

With over 10 years of experience, our team has the expertise to deliver exceptional results. Here are more reasons to choose us:

  • Highly trained and knowledgeable technicians
  • Licenced & Insured
  • Latest equipment and techniques
  • Weekend and after-hours appointments available
  • Upfront pricing – no hidden charges
  • Safe, eco-friendly products
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

Service Locations

We provide services across greater Brisbane including:

  • Brisbane City
  • North Brisbane
  • South Brisbane
  • East Brisbane
  • Inner West Brisbane
  • Greater Brisbane

Upholstery Cleaning

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Tired furniture getting you down?

With our deep yet gentle cleaning, your upholstery will look brand new, smell fresh, and feel hygienic again.

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