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If you’re looking for trusted carpet cleaning in Brisbane, you’ve come to the right place.

Is your carpet looking dull, stained, and worn out? Are you tired of dealing with the stubborn dust and dirt that just doesn’t seem to go away with regular vacuuming?

We know how disappointing it can be to see a once vibrant carpet lose its sparkle. Besides, unclean carpets can harbour bacteria and allergens that pose serious health risks for you and your family. No one wants that risk!

That’s where we come in!

Smart Carpet Cleaning Brisbane is can deliver clean carpet at a price you can afford. PLUS: We offer a gaurantee with our services so you know you’ll get a great job.

We specialise in bringing your old, dreary carpets back to their mint condition. Say goodbye to unsightly stains, embedded dirt and unhealthy bacteria.

We deliver clean, fresh looking carpet that you’ll LOVE.

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About Us

With over a 10 years in the cleaning business, Smart Carpet Cleaning Brisbane is a name synonymous with meticulous cleaning standards and quality service. Our team of fully licensed and insured professionals comes with unmatched experience under their belt. They are trained and certified in all types of cleaning methods and stain removal techniques. Their expertise is second to none, learn more about us here. Moreover, they LOVE cleaning carpets. They’re ready to clean your carpet like no one else does.

Also, our expert cleaners consider 100% client satisfaction their primary goal. How do they do this? They achieve is by coupling our expertise with exceptional customer service – courteous & friendly staff at your beck and call.

So get ready to be AMAZED at the results.

Our Process

Carpet cleaning isn’t just about throwing a bucket of soap on the floor- there’s an art and science to it. Our professionals will carefully evaluate each carpet and come up with the right cleaning solution to restore your carpets the right way. Here’s a breakdown of our 8 step process:

  1. Evaluation – our team will properly analyze each room, test colors & examine the fabric type & condition
  2. Pre-treatment – we will apply special solutions to break down grease, dirt & other surface soils. The premium service includes a pre-vacuum to remove excess dry soil and debris before we start.
  3. Deep Clean– we use heated water coupled with truck mounted equipment that sucks out dirt deeply embedded in your carpets
  4. Stain remover treatment – tough stains are tackled using industrial strength products and spot cleaning techniques
  5. Sanitising/Deodorising – any lingering bacteria or odors are eliminated with friendly sanitizing agents and deodorizers
  6. Carpet Grooming – all carpet areas are groomed so that fibers stand straight and cleanup is easier
  7. Post inspection – A final walkthrough is done to ensure your satisfaction!
  8. Post Cleaning Care -We give you tips on how best maintain your carpets

Why it’s Important to Clean Your Carpets

It’s easy to take our carpets for granted and forget how much hard work they do for us. But the truth is, carpets play an important role in keeping your family and home healthy. They act as a filter, trapping dirt, dust & allergens that can cause illnesses or irritate allergies. If not vacuumed regularly, these particles settle into carpet fibers & embed themselves deep down where most vacuums cannot reach them. This is why it’s important to get them professionally cleaned every once in a while – especially if you have pets!

We believe a healthy home starts with clean carpets and our team has years of experience cleaning residential & commercial floors of all shapes & sizes.

You can trust us to leave your carpets looking spotless & smelling great!

Get complete peace of mind with all our expert services.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

We use a hot water extraction (HWE) approach for our Carpet Steam Cleaning service. It helps deep clean your carpets down to the carpet fibres, removing stubborn dirt and stains efficiently. We use both portable and truck-mounted system sprays heated water, mixed with chemicals, onto your carpet and simultaneously vacuums it up.

It helps to remove a variety of contaminants that regular vacuuming cannot. This approach is extremely effective in eliminating deep-seated dirt, stubborn stains from food or drinks spills, dust mites, bacteria and other allergens. It also deals effectively with pet hair and odours, making your carpeted flooring healthier for your home or office environment.

This  process ensures complete cleanliness while preserving the carpet’s original texture.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Perfect for those who need a quick turnaround; our Carpet Dry Cleaning service uses a very low moisture (VLM) or no-moisture method that leaves your carpet walk-on dry almost immediately after cleaning. With heightened removal of allergens compared to traditional methods, our fast-drying technique extends its benefits beyond just speed, making it an ideal choice for allergy sufferers too.

Carpet Stain Removal

Our professional carpet stain removal service focuses on eliminating spots and stains that dull the look of your beautiful carpets. Be it wine spills or coffee splashes, muddy footprints or pet messes – no stain is too tough for us to handle.

Upholstery Cleaning

Over time upholstered furniture accumulates dust and dirt which can make the colours look faded and damage the fabric. Our Upholstery Cleaning service goes beyond a mere surface-level clean. It removes dust and dirt deeply embedded in your furniture – whether it be leather or fabric. With professional cleaning equipment, we can reach areas that DIY cleaning often misses and restore the fresh look of your furniture. We offer all leather cleaning and all services to clean and restore any type of upholstered furniture.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Dirty tiles and grout lines caught your attention? Our reliable Tile and Grout cleaning service rejuvenates them back to their original shine! We use specialised solutions to dissolve dirt lodged within grouts followed by a rinse with high-pressure heated water making sure every trace of dirt is washed away. Clean tiles not only brighten up spaces but also provide a hygienic surface reducing chances of mould & bacterial growth.

Rug Cleaning

Just like carpets, your rugs need to be cleaned too. Your valuable rugs, whether they’re Oriental, Persian, shaggy, wool, or synthetic, are exposed daily to foot traffic leading to dust and dirt accumulation and the occasional spills which can lessen their vibrancy over time.

Our professional rug cleaners use methods specifically designed for each rug type to remove deep-seated dirt and grime thoroughly while maintaining its integrity. We understand the unique care each rug type requires. A valuable hand-knotted Persian weave needs a different handling from a machine-made synthetic shag.

So if you want your rugs restored get in touch. We’re experts in giving your rugs – whatever type they might be – their grandeur back!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We understand that your office or commercial space deserves the same level of cleanliness and freshness as your home. This is why we also offer exceptional cleaning services for commercial property owners and facility managers.

We use advanced cleaning methods with top-of-the-range equipment that can easily handle bigger spaces efficiently without disrupting your business operations. Our experienced team employs eco-friendly products ensuring a safer workspace while preserving the quality of your carpet.

Whether it’s high-traffic hallways, meeting rooms or office cabins – we’re equipped to bring back their original beauty, making them look as good as new.

Choose us for professional, timely and reliable commercial and intustrial carpet cleaner in Brisbane.

Give us a call today. Talk with one of our commercial experts to find out how we can help you.

Our Services

Why Choose Us

  • 10 Years Experience
  • Fully licensed and insured team.
  • 100% Customer Satistation Guaranteed
  • Expert Cleaners Who Love What Hey Do
  • Eco-friendly solutions – We Care About The Planet
  • Happy Friendly Staff – We Put You First
  • Cleaning & Pest Management Services
  • Great Price
  • Same Day Booking
  • Price Match


We take pride in providing high quality service at competitive prices for an unbeatable value. Don’t wait around any longer thinking you might find a better price elsewhere. Contact us today and get started on restoring your carpets. We will being life back into your home or business premises.

Prices include GST exclusive of parking fees. Here’s what you can expect:


  • $120 for 1 room
  • $130 for 2 rooms
  • $140 for 3 rooms
  • $160 for 4 rooms
  • $185 for 5 rooms

NB: Pre-vacuuming is NOT included in standard rates. All premium services include vacuu,ing. A charge of $5 per room may be applied.


Single Rugs are $49 each. Minimum cal out fee is $99

  • $99 – 1 rug
  • $99 – 2 rugs
  • $149 – 3 rugs


  • $110 – 2 seater
  • $140 – 3 seats
  • $180 – 5 seats

Apartment & Units

  • $110 for Studio
  • $125 for 1 bedroom
  • $145 for 2 bedroom
  • $165 for 3 bedroom


Receive a 10% discount when 3 or more rooms are booked at the same time with our exclusive packages to give you an extra level of convenience!


  • Brisbane City: New Farm, Spring Hill, Bowen Hills
  • Northside: Chermside, Wilston, Nundah, Everton Park
  • Southside: Coorparoo, Mt Gravatt, Cleveland, Capalaba, Logan
  • Western Brisbane: Ashgrove, Chapel Hill, Toowong.
  • Eastern Brisbane: Manly West, Wynnum West
  • Ipswich & Toowoomba


How much does a professional carpet cleaning service cost in Brisbane?

Prices vary depending on how many rooms and method of cleaning. Our price for a lowset 2 bedroom home starts from just $120. Get get a fast quote please phone us.

What is the best method of cleaning carpets?

The most effective solution to clean is the steam cleaning or hot water extraction method. It extracts deep-seated dirt, ensures longer-lasting cleanliness and contributes to a healthier indoor environment.

How soon can I walk on my carpet after cleaning?

Generally, you can walk on your carpets immediately after a dry cleaning service, but for steam cleaning, it’s best to wait for 2-4 hours.

Do you provide same-day services?

Yes, we do offer same day service based on availability.

What is the best way to maintain my carpet post-clean?

Regular vacuuming and instant stain removal can work wonders in maintaining the cleanliness of your carpets.

Can all kinds of stains be removed?

While we strive to remove all types of stains, certain permanent marks might not completely disappear.

Do DIY machines get good results?

Although hiring a machine sounds tempting, ofteh the results are less than expected. While they can temporarily remove surface stains, they cannot match professional cleaning services in terms of deep-cleaning efficiency and longevity of results. Professional cleaners have knowledge, equipment and solutions that are more efficient in removing stains and grime than store bought cleaning products.

How do I get special deals on cheap carpet cleaners in Brisbane?

We regularly post our special offers on our Facebook and Google pages. Please like and follow us. You can also check out our specials page here.


Best service we’ve had. The team is professional, punctual and very thorough.

Jane Simms – Springwood

Couldn’t ask for better service, excellent job. My rugs have never looked cleaner.

Mark Jacks – Bridgeman Downs

Very happy, great local carpet cleaning company. A fantastic experience from start to finish”

Linda North – The Gap

My upholstery looks brand new thanks to the excellent job done by this company”

Sarah McGill – Chermside

Impressive customer service and really nice results from our cleaning professional Michael.

Phoebe Blake – Forest Lake

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