How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Exploring the Prices of Carpet Cleaning and Factors That Influence It

Most of us have wondered how much does carpet cleaning average costs?

And yet the answer is not straightforward, because you need to factor in a range of criteria for the full picture.


  1. Per Room: AUD $25 to $50, though some companies might offer a discount if you’re having multiple rooms cleaned.
  2. Minimum Call Out Charge: Many companies have a minimum charge which is often around AUD $75 to $120.
  3. Whole House: For an average-sized home (3 bedrooms, 1 living room), you might expect to pay anywhere from AUD $100 to $250.
  4. By Square Metre: Some companies charge based on the carpet area. This can range from AUD $2 to $4 per square metre for basic steam cleaning, but it can be higher for more intensive process or specialized services.
  5. Additional Services: Stain removal, pet odor treatments, or the application of protective sprays might come with additional costs.
  6. Type of Cleaning: Dry cleaning might be priced differently than steam cleaning. Specialized services, like eco-friendly cleaning cleaning, can also come at a premium.

We’ll delve into these considerations first before going on to explore professional carpet cleaning tips and do-it-yourself carpet cleaning options along with often-asked questions about cost and frequency.

So you can make an informed decision that best fits your budget whilst keeping your carpets looking wonderful.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Carpet Cleaning

1. Size of the carpet/number of rooms

A key factor in calculating the cost of your carpet cleaning is, naturally, the size. But don’t forget to keep an eye on specialized charges too. For example, many companies will provide different costs if you need additional services like stairs or hallways treated beyond a single space. Also, when you book multiple spaces together they may apply discounts. So make sure to ask.

2. Type of carpet

The carpet fibre composition also contributes to cost guide as some materials require more attention. Wool carpets will cost far more than nylon or polyester carpets, for instance, due their fragility. Similarly, finer materials like silk or sisal are more delicate than coarser ones such as olefin or wool and may therefore command a higher price. Some types of carpets also take longer to dry after cleaning due to material composition and weight.

3. Condition of the carpet

The condition of your carpet is also a major factor in figuring out the cost. If it’s heavily soiled, then you need to know the carpets are going to require deeper cleaning and more steps to clean it. Both of which can inflate an already pricey estimate. Fortunately, many professional carpet cleaners offer pre-cleaning inspection to determine what type process required.

4. Method of Cleaning

Carpet cleaning methods will affect the cost as some require more effort than others. Hot water extraction, commonly referred to by its trade name steam-cleaning, is the gold standard for carpet cleaning due to its advanced results in removing dirt and allergens. But such intensive care is potentially pricey. Alternatively, shampooing is often quick and can give a satisfactory result provided the machine doing it is of good quality.

5. Additional Services

Additional services can greatly vary in cost depending on the number of dirt and the type of service needed to remove them. Also, deodorising and sanitising may be recommended to make sure pesky pet odors or dirt are gone for good- with certain materials requiring specialised services such as enzyme-based solutions that break down odor molecules. Remember that some services might require a one-off fee. It also depends if it’s for residential or commercial carpet cleaning.

Common Services

1. Hot Water Extraction – Steam Carpet Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction or steam cleaning is the most thorough method and involves the use of heated water under pressure to push dirt deep into the carpet. This can also be done on upholstery cleaning. The water aids in breaking down oils from various materials thereby lifting tough stains. Then simultaneously suction up the dirty water with powerful vacuums as it comes back out. The cost of steam cleaning in Brisbane can vary greatly depending on the type of the job, as well as other factors such as location. In general, you can expect to pay between $70 and $150 for an averagesized single room or carpeted area. For a threebedroom house, the cost typically begins at around $220 in Australia.

2. Shampoo Carpet Cleaning

Carpet shampooing is a fairly basic and cost-effective method in which carpets are treated with special cleaning agents in order to loosen dirt and grime. Once the shampoo has been applied, it’s worked into the carpet through brushing or by machines that use counter-rotating brushes. Resulting in a superficial clean of sorts. This process usually takes no more than an hour for a single room with a very short drying time afterward. In Australia, the cost of shampoo carpet cleaning is around $0.12 to $0.20 per square foot of carpet.

3. Carpet Dry Cleaning

If you want your carpets cleaned as fast and with little drying time as possible then dry cleaning, also referred to as low moisture is a viable method. Here regular cleaning agents are lightly applied onto the carpet surface and then scrubbed in either by hand or by machines. After this, dry compounds and powders are spread across the area. Dry carpet cleaning prices vary depending on the type of the carpet, the type and age of the carpet, as well as any special cleaning needed. On average carpet cleaning, a standard sized room in Australia can cost between $170-$300+ for dry carpet cleaning.

4. Encapsulated Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes referred to as ‘crystal’ cleaning, encapsulated carpet cleaning services could be an alternative choice if you’re after greater eco-friendliness or removing oil-based grime. This is because the liquid detergents used in this procedure form tiny particles which wrap around any dirt and oils present. Each tiny crystal dot acts like a micro sponge to trap residue before it can become dry and again this method only takes around 30 minutes for a room of approx. 10 x 10 square footage or less. It typically costs around $50-$150 per space, and a whole house of clean carpet can cost between $200-$400.

5. Bonnet Cleaning

Used predominantly in commercial settings, this system involves pre-treating the carpet with a special shampoo solution and then using a rotary floor machine with absorbent pads to suction up the dirt afterward. This is both time-saving and reasonably priced. Typically taking no more than 15 minutes per room of approximately 10 x 10 or less. But don’t expect anything majorly intensive in terms of soil removal here. It ranges from $25 to $50 depending on the size and condition of the carpet.

The DIY Approach

Want to do it all yourself? Then there are plenty of DIY carpet cleaning options, from ‘spot’ strategies for dealing with small stains or dirt patches. Sometimes involving ingredients from your pantry to the shampoo carpet cleaner that you can rent or purchase.

Consumable cleaning products like stain removers, detergents, and deodorisers will also be necessary if you want maximum results. It comes at a cost of around 20% more than the total rental fee. On the plus side though, you get exact control over the cleaning process and schedule. So overall it can help save costs when done right.


How often should the carpet be cleaned?

Apart from regular vacuuming and spot cleaning to remove dirt that accumulates throughout the week, carpets should ideally be professionally cleaned by a carpet cleaner at least once a year. However, there may be certain situations requiring more frequent visits such as when having pets around or if you’re living in an area without air or heating ventilation systems then a bi-yearly appointment could be necessary. Likewise in high-traffic households with small children. You can opt to having fabric protection added to help keep the carpets clean longer.

How do I know if my carpet needs professional cleaning?

If your carpets look dull or tired then it’s quite possible that hiring a professional carpet cleaner is indeed the best course of action. Furthermore, if odors start to form then it’s likely time for some deep steam cleaning. Lastly, if visible spots and stains start to accumulate even after spot cleaning then this too may call for an appointment with a professional cleaner as soon as you can manage it.

Does every carpet cleaner have a license to operate?

Not all carpet cleaners will need a license to operate, although it’s always good practice to check this ahead of time. Especially, if the carpet cleaner going to be inside your private home. Reputable carpet cleaners nowadays ought to have a legitimate license at any rate.

So bear that in mind when asking after quotes as it may give you some assurance about the quality service to expect. After all, proper cleaning is one thing, but having documentation confirmation can really bring peace of mind.


In conclusion, carpet cleaning costs can vary greatly depending on the type of carpets and the level of cleaning required.

So factor that in when evaluating various estimates.

Ensuring that each dollar spent goes towards satisfactory results.

Furthermore, it’s always worthwhile to consider a combination of regular DIY and professional services to ensure a healthier home environment.

It reaps many benefits unseen.