End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane

We’ve all been there, it’s the end of your apartment lease and you’r e under immense stress. The packing, moving, settling into a new place… add carpet cleaning to the to-do list and it becomes positively hectic! You’re morning till night busy with tasks that seem unending. Isn’t this a problem we’re all familiar with?

What if I told you there’s an easy solution for at least one stress-inducing item on your list? Sit back, relax and let SMART Carpet Cleaning Brisbane take care of the rigorous job of end-of-lease carpet cleaning.

With over 10 years of experience in our kitty, we understand the intricate details involved in end of lease carpet cleaning. We’re not just regular cleaners who’d scrub away aimlessly. Rather consider us as experienced professionals who know exactly where those tricky dirt and allergens love to hide.

Do stains give you nightmares? Keep calm because even the stubborn ones don’t stand a chance against our fully licensed team armed with state-of-the-art equipment.

Our strategies have evolved beautifully over these 10 years viewing various types of carpets and their unique demands. So rest assured knowing every corner of your carpet is in good hands who’d treat it with utmost respect yet be ruthless on dirt!

Plus, let’s not forget about those high-strung landlords or picky property managers who scrutinize everything during that final inspection!

A shoddy job simply won’t pass muster. That’s where SMART Carpet Cleaning shines through – offering high-quality services that exceed expectations.

After all, we didn’t just get our ten-year badge by cutting corners!

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So why wait longer when relief is merely a call away? Let us be the smart choice for your carpeting woes during this high-stress period!

A hassle-free moving out experience with bright clean carpets as parting memory awaits you at the other end of the line.

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What Is End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning?

End of lease carpet cleaning, also known as bond carpet cleaning, refers to a deep and thorough clean up of carpets that tenants are required to perform before moving out.

The aim here is to restore the carpet to its original condition as when you moved in. This task plays a critical role in getting your full bond money back.

The Process

Here at SMART Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, our process follows distinct steps we’ve perfected for more than decade:

  1. Detailed Assessment: A crucial first step where we examine the carpet closely.
  2. Stain Treatment: Identifying and pre-treating any stains.
  3. Deluxe Steam Clean: Using advanced steam cleaning technology to get rid of dirt and allergens.
  4. Deep Rinse: A thorough rinse for complete stain removal.
  5. Post-inspection: We scan the entire area once again to ensure no spots were missed.


  • Health benefits through eradication of dust mites & allergens left unnoticed over time.
  • Enhancing overall appearance and ambiance which leaves a good impression on your landlord or future tenants!
  • Saves time allowing you focus on other moving-out duties.

Most landlords require carpets to be cleaned at least once every 6-12 months especially after tenants move out and hence end of lease cleaning is essential if you want your full bond money back.

Types Of Properties We Clean

Whether it’s a compact studio apartment or spacious commercial property, we offer end-of-lease carpet cleaning services for all types:

  • Residential Properties – houses, apartments, condominiums
  • Commercial Properties – offices, shops


Do carpets need to be professionally cleaned at end of tenancy?

Yes, as a general standard of property maintenance and under most lease agreements, it’s often required or highly recommended that tenants organise professional carpet cleaning at the end of their tenancy to safeguard their bond money.

Is move out carpet cleaning mandatory?

While Queensland law does not explicitly state that professional carpet cleaning is required when you vacate a rental property, many landlords or agents include such clauses in the lease contract. Therefore, it’s crucial to check your contract details regarding this specific requirement.

How often should carpet be replaced in a rental QLD?

From a legal perspective, there’s no set rule on when landlords in Queensland should replace the carpets. However, it’s generally accepted that carpets have an estimated lifespan of 10 years. A landlord may consider replacing them after this period or if they’re significantly damaged beyond repair.

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